working as a chyron operator for the evening news at WWSB TV-40/ABC.  Eventually work led her back to Chicago where her multiple years of production, post production, facility scheduling/management, live music/sporting events built the wealth of knowledge and expertise which became the foundation for Class Represents.

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​Class Represents is a boutique creative representation firm based in Southern California which is owned and operated by Kelley Class.  The company was founded in March of 1998 and specializes in placing production companies and artists for all forms of motion media - commercials, broadcast, digital and branded content for screen types of all sizes.  Our current roster consists of award winning talent ranging from directors, editors, visual FX, animation and all-in-one creative facilities.

Kelley Class started her career with a BA in broadcast communications from Columbia College in her home town of Chicago.  She majored in Sound Engineering/TV production and began her journey in Sarasota, Florida